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Polar Mint Vuse Pods - Bold+ (2pk)

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$17.49 CAD
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$17.49 CAD

A pack of 2 Polar Mint - Bold+ Vuse Pods, in a classic cool peppermint vape. 

  • Up to 2,000 puffs* in 2.0 mL
  • Bold+ 20 mg/mL nicotine strength
  • Upgraded e-liquid formulation for intense taste
  • Ceramic heating technology
  • Easy-view liquid
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Compatible with all ePod/ePod 2/2+ and PRO Smart devices

The new and improved Vuse Pods
Vapers today expect innovation — not gimmicks, but something truly new and valuable. That’s why Vuse prioritizes new features that will make a real impact on the vaping experience, in the ways that really matter: flavour satisfaction, pure and simple.
Vuse. For your everyday moments.

Key Vuse Pods features
New Vuse Pods bring an all-new satisfying design with the most intense flavour yet. A sleek ceramic vape cartridge with our upgraded e-liquid formulation, this 2mL pod has more puffs than ever: now featuring up to 2000 puffs* per pack. 

Improved pod. Bold flavour.
Love a classic? Discover the Vuse range of expertly-crafted flavours with bold and authentic tastes — all in the new & improved Vuse Pod. Available in 3 nicotine strengths (12mg/mL, 20mg/mL and nicotine-free‡) and Bold+.

Unlock the power of new Vuse Pods with the most advanced Vuse device yet — Vuse PRO Smart. With cutting-edge features powered by MYVUSE app, it’s the perfect match for the flavour satisfaction offered by new Vuse Pods. Customize your experience with Cloud Control, and track up to 2000 puffs* per pack with Usage Tracker.
Download the MYVUSE app to learn more about the ultimate Vuse experience.

At Vuse, we understand the importance of responsibility, which is why we’ve put responsible tech firmly in your hands. All Vuse products are now equipped with a new device lock feature for enhanced peace of mind.
With the MYVUSE app, you can effortlessly lock and unlock your Vuse device, ensuring that access is granted only when you need it.


*Based on laboratory testing of newly manufactured product in a Vuse Pro Smart (including recharging) at a puff duration of one second at the low function setting and may vary depending on power setting of device and on individual’s usage behaviour.
†Upgraded e-liquid formulation does not apply to Mango, Clear Flavour Free, Clear Tobacco, Rich Tobacco Bold+, Smooth Tobacco, Spearmint Bold+ & Vanilla flavours.
‡Does not contain any added nicotine.