Save Flavours in Vaping

Petition link:

Thank you to everyone that signed the petition last spring to help stop the flavour ban. First, the sixteen thousand supporters of the petition made an impact! Unfortunately, by the time the petition closed there was not enough time for it be read on the floor because an election was called! 
So that leaves us to another petition, and another ask that Canadians take a moment to sign this new petition. 
This time, we are stronger. We have more support in government than ever before and we need to get as many Canadians as possible to sign this new petition!  
Click on the link below and fill out all the information. You will then receive an email (it may take up to 20 minutes) to confirm that you did indeed sign the petition. That’s it! 
Please share the petition with your family and friends. This is about access to flavour in vaping products.  No one should be forced to vape flavours that are not palatable.  
Thank you!