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Please bear with us as we adjust.



Please note that due to the caution required by the COVID-19 Virus, we will be changing how our storefronts operate.  SHIPPED ORDERS WILL NOT BE AFFECTED.

We utilize strict cleaning and disinfection procedures,  as well as refuse to allow employees showing any symptoms of illness to work.

Currently, we will be limiting access to our stores 

  • Limit of 1 customer in the store at all locations.
  • Meaning that browsing our wares will be not possible. Also there will be NO SAMPLING.
  • You may still come shop with us, but please have an idea of what you need/ want before you arrive.

This is a precautionary measure to make sure you, as well as us go home to
our families as healthy as we left them.


  • Orders can be placed online @ and select "IN STORE PICKUP" and "PAY AT PICKUP"  (Argyll Rd. location only)  
  • Orders may also be placed by phone 1 (780) 760 0285
  • We also are now offering delivery between 6pm-9pm

**Anticipate lengthy stock shortages**

As you may have already noticed - many items are currently out of stock. The presently anticipated restock timeline is estimated at roughly 3-4 weeks. Initially, the issue only affected hardware items coming out of China as factory workers were not returning to work, and production halts caused lengthy delays and shortages.

The situation is evolving, and with other countries now going through what China did several weeks ago,  other vital raw materials are going to be experiencing shortages. For example, popular raw materials  in e-liquid come from Italy (Flavour Art) - these products are currently not being produced.  Once we start depleting our existing inventory, some e-liquid items will be temporarily out of stock.


We utilize strict cleaning and disinfection procedures, as well as refuse to allow employees showing any symptoms of illness to work.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and are here to serve you during these difficult times.

Thank you for your continued support.

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